JMHS Students Attend a Shakespeare Play

“Et tu, Brute?” is one of the most famous lines in the play Julius Caesar, which students from James Monroe High School were able to see performed live at the American Shakespeare Center. The performance was in Staunton, Virginia in a place that is modeled after Shakespeare’s indoor Blackfriar’s Theater. “It was a very interactive play between the actors/actresses and the audience,” said one student who attended the performance. After this incredible show, James Monroe students were able to ask the actors and actresses questions about the play and all of the hard work that went on behind the scenes.  They also participated in a workshop on how to stage the scene in which Julius Caesar is murdered by some of his fellow Senators.  Overall it was an incredible experience, especially for students from a rural community.

Mark Antony (Jake Akers) shaking hands with one of the conspirators

Brutus (Matt Goff) stabbing Caesar (Adkins)

The instructor describing the staging.