Harvard Model United Nations Results

The Maverick Model United Nations (UN) Debate team performed very well at the recent Harvard Model UN Conference in Boston, Massachusetts.  But what does success look like at one of these events?  In Model United Nations the scoring is a little different than your traditional first, second, and third place winners. There is an award for best delegate and honorable mention, but with over 4,000 participants the odds are never in your favor and this award does not say anything about the performance of the whole team.  What counts for the group is whether or not a resolution you wrote or co-signed and debated is passed by your committee.  A resolution is the plan by one or more country delegations to solve a particular issue a committee of delegations focuses on, such as defense and security, sustainable development, and regional issues peculiar to the country to which you were assigned.  Each committee can have a different number of resolutions they are willing to debate. The goal of each country delegation is to be a signatory and then have their resolution pass. Out of four groups James Monroe had two delegations pass resolutions co-signed by the Mavericks.  In this case, that is considered “winning.” Congratulations to these students!