Class talks with Dr. William B. Robertson

Luke Fraley, Journalist

This past Wednesday, Mrs. Crabtree’s 7th period science class got the honor of talking to Dr. William B Robertson, a scholar and former senior government official who attended Bluefield State University. He spoke about the importance of black history month and told stories of what it was like being a young African American man in Roanoke and working for the black newspaper during the era of legal racial segregation. “Everything was less when living in a African American community,” said Dr. Robertson. He said schools were worse, roads were never cleared during school, and the shoulder pads for football where just hand me downs from the white school. Even though life was rough he worked hard and went to Bluefield State College, earning two majors while he was there. A few years later he went on to later work with not one, but five different presidents. He helped the movement for equality in South Africa. He got to know Mrs. Coretta Scott King (Dr, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s wife) very well. Also, he helped in founding Camp Virginia Jaycee, by selling Apple jelly. One of our students asked what advice would you give to us high school students, and he said,”keep moving, keep loving this country,” and “we all built this country together.” We really want to thank Dr. Robertson for giving up his time to talk to us, we hope he knows that he has really done a lot for not only this country, but this world.