Snow Packets and Classwork

Schools nationwide our closing to keep students, teachers, and staff safe during this pandemic. Being the last state to receive a case of COVID-19, we still took early precautions to prevent it. As of now Monroe County schools will go back to school April 10th. This date may change depending on the decision and condition of the state. Students are supposed to complete snow packets that cover five days. Teachers will also post work on Google Classroom to complete after the snow packets are completed. This is a way that students can keep up and not get behind during this time. Staying on top of work and not getting behind are useful tips for life in general and can pass time. If you are having issues you should contact your teacher at their email. Also, you can download your Google Classroom and email to your phone. It is a great way to check due dates and receive a message when a teacher uploads something on Google Classroom. Hopefully, things will go back to normal soon and we can finish the rest of the school year on a great note!