What to do in your Freetime?

You may be stuck at home and bored out of your mind, however there are some things to do to help the passing time. While watching Netflix and Hulu may take up most of your time, there are other ways to keep your mind active while being out of school. If you must watch television the news is a great way to stay informed on what is going on in the world. You can also look at unbiased news websites like the Drudge report or for local news WV Metro News these are great options to stay informed on what is going on nationally as well as locally.

Most television stations have great documentaries, from history to health you can find almost any informative documentary to watch. During this pandemic, staying healthy is very important and with the pretty weather we’ve been having lately it’s a great time to get out and hike or bike.  State and National Parks are still open, however, be sure and use the bathroom before you go because restrooms are closed.   You can check the local weather here on the maverickexpress.org, and keep up to date on more ways to pass the time.

Reading is another great educational way to make use of your time. While this can be a difficult time being stuck at home it can also be a wonderful time to try new things. Some great new activities to try can be learning a new language or cooking healthy meals. There are great apps and YouTube videos which can teach you this. Relaxing and staying safe is what you need to remember during this time.