What Precautions Should Students Take?

I was able to have an interview with Senior Salesman Everett Fraley, who works with Astra-Zeneca. Pharmaceutical sales is one job that has been struggling because they are unable to go into doctor offices and hospitals. With that said, Mr. Fraley has been working from home and using technology to contact doctors and medical workers. Being able to be involved in the medical area, he has been informed on ways to help prevent this virus. He stated, “The first thing you should do is stay calm, and it will eventually end. However, according to medical officials we need to stay six feet apart from people, remain in our homes, practice good hygiene, avoid touching our faces, and keep hands clean.” He also discussed how the Center of Disease Control website says the virus can last from three to five days on a surface. This makes the virus very contagious. Also, people can show symptoms anywhere from two to fourteen days.  Mr. Fraley did assure us that although most infected young people will survive coronavirus. However, he did say that older people, especially with lung disease or any disease associated with the lung, could become very sick, hospitalized, or even die. Mr. Fraley said for his job they are waiting to see what the company, Governor, or President says about when they can return back to work. Some workers in bigger cities are waiting to hear what even the mayor may say about returning to work. For now they have been given orders to stay at home and only travel for emergency needs. Hopefully, if people follow these precautions we can return back to school and others to work soon.