James Monroe Students 3D Print Protective Gear For Local Medical Staff


Pictured is the 3D printed PPE designed by Prusa

Due to the current pandemic, some supplies have run short. In the grocery store, supplies like toilet paper and canned goods have been on short supply. An item that not many people do not notice is in short supply is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such protective masks and facial shields. PPE is essential for healthcare workers, as it allows them not to worry about infection while treating others. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, hospitals and clinics have seen a dramatic decrease in availability of PPE.

Prusa, a 3D printing company, has come out with a 3D printable PPE. Prusa provides the files and instructions for printing your very own PPE. They highly encourage people around the world to print and donate the PPE to local clinics and hospitals. Prusa has already donated over 12,000 shields to medics and other professionals in the Czech Republic.

During the time in quarantine, James Monroe High School Seniors Cade McMunigal and Ian Jackson decided to help out. Using resources from the two middle schools in the county and the local MCubed Robotics Team, together the two students printed 35 shields to donate to local clinics.

The Maverick Express interviewed Allison St. Claire, a Registered Nurse and part time Nursing Supervisor at the Summers County Regional Hospital, who is the one that delivered the PPE to clinics. The shields were delivered to the Summers County’s Appalachian Regional Hospital and the Monroe County Health Center. She stated, “This will be an enormous help! Healthcare workers in the U.S. have never experienced such a frightening time where we could not protect ourselves in order to keep saving others. These face shields will allow us to remain healthy so we can prevent further spread of COVID-19 while still being able to care for those who fall ill.”

Cade McMunigal and Ian Jackson are also both members of the MCubed robotics team. The community has helped back their team throughout the four years the team has been active. This is a way they are giving back to their community.

If you are interested in helping out and printing PPE, contact Ian Jackson at [email protected] and we will get you started!