Is China Telling The Truth About?


Luke Fraley, Journalist

It is week three of quarantine and it has felt like forever. All businesses are closing nation wide and cases keep rising. This is a “never before” thing to happen in my lifetime and indeed in most people’s lifetimes today. As these historical days pass on by, America has become the number one in cases. Many countries, like Italy, have taken control of it and reduced its numbers. China has dramatically decreased in their cases, or have they?

As of this writing China´s COVID-19 statistics are 81,669 infected and 3,329 death, which is astonishingly low considering the U.S has 8,452 deaths. Although China has been dealing with this disease for a while, these numbers seem a little doubtful. If you were to graph out their cases there would be an almost impossibly dramatic drop. In fact, the CIA recently warned the White House about his matter.

It is pretty obvious that China is lying about these numbers. Why are they lying about them though? I think they have too much pride in their country and don’t want other people to see their country being weak. As weeks pass hopefully China will tell the truth so we can adequately handle this epidemic. For the mean time we must hang in there and obey our government guidelines.