Senior Memories: Miracle Hopkins

Miracle Hopkins

James Monroe High School where I even begin talking about my favorite memory. The place where I have cried, laughed, learned, meet new friends, continue grew relationships with old friends, and became my own person. Before I enter JMHS I was quiet person that just spoke to her friends, but this place I learned to walk into my own shoes. I am glad that I had to opportunity to run cross country, play basketball, join JROTC program, participate in prom, talents, and get inducted into National Honor Society .

My favorite thing about JROTC was going to Normandy last summer we got to chance to march in 75th day parade , because I got represent my school, my state, my family, my friends, my country, and shows my respect for those who serviced. During this trip I was able to meet with some World War II veterans that told their story. One veteran when I shook his hand and thank him for his service told me something that will stay with me my entire life. He said “ Go back and tell your people it is not up to us anymore. It is up to you now”. I knew that he meant we needed to take action instead sit back watching things happen. Through this trip got to see many interest sites like Mona Lisa painting, the eiffel tower, and Ohama beach were many soldiers lost their life so we could be here today. The best thing is that I got to spend time with my second family. JROTC has become my second family, because we watch out for each other’s back. Being Battalion Commander this year was a great honor, because I get to have an influence in these cadets’ lives. I will miss this program dearly , because this taught me speak out, lend helping hand to others, and do not leave a teammate behind.

My sophomore and my junior year I participated in the talent shows held here. This one for books, because I would not every think I would get up perform in front whole school. I got to share my messages through the thing that I love most which is rap. I think I shocked a few people. After the talent shows were over I heard how people were affected through my raps. It touched my heart to know that gift I was blessed with could have such a powerful influence on others life. Many great people performed at these talents. I would not be surprised if one of them became famous one day. It was time that we did not have to be afraid who we are, because we are able to be voice for others that was not able to.

Lunchtime to some people their probably think why would I choose lunchtime to talk about, but this magical place. I was not able to have class with some my friends, but being able to see them for a few minutes made me happy. During this time we were able to tell each other how our day was, share funny stories, reflect on the past, and create new memories. There is always something interest learned about one another. We learned that we had to make most of our time.

Here are only a few memories that I have made throughout my high school time. I walk out of this place knowing that I have made friends that I will have for life time. I walk in here a shy girl but I am walking out strong in my faith, and talkative. Once a Maverick, always a Maverick. Thanks to everyone that had a part in my memories.