Hearing About COVID-19 All The Time Is Annoying


If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past couple of months, you probably are aware of the global pandemic. That is probably the only thing that you have heard about, it definitly is for me. All of this talk about COVID-19 has pushed me to stop watching the news every morning because I already knew what it was about. Although this is a very serious issue, I feel that the news, to some degree, is blowing this pandemic out of proportion. I’m not saying ignore the stay at home order, you still need to social distance to protect those in danger. My point is that the news is milking the pandemic to instate fear to keep the viewer watching. I can compare this pandemic as “a meme that won’t die.”

Finding news other than COVID-19 is difficult, a simple Google search of “world news” shows nothing but COVID-19. To get news not about the pandemic you have to do an advanced search, excluding searches that contain “COVID-19, corona, coronavirus.” This link here will redirect you to the right search credentials.

Watching the news all the time can cause stress, so turn it off if you need to. There are plenty of things to do instead of being inside all day, but distance yourself from others.