Celebrating James Monroe: Obtaining The Mid-West & Flordia


The Louisiana Purchase was the result of a treaty between the United States and France that allowed for the United States to purchase most of the current day mid-western US. In 1803 the deal was sealed for a small price of $15 million. James Monroe played a crucial role in this deal. He and Robert Livingston traveled to France to negotiate the deal. With his help, the U.S. doubled in size. He didn’t stop with the expansion of the United States at the Louisiana Purchase however. During his Presidency, he acquired Florida from Spain during a time of conflict between the U.S. Military and Native Americans in the then Spanish controlled Florida. James Monroe settled the problem by buying Florida from the Spanish for $5 million.  It is hard to say what the U.S. would look like without James Monroe’s efforts to acquire so much land, but we do know that he greatly expanded the territory the United States controlled and opened the way for the settlement of the west by its citizens.