Killer Hornets!

Times are pretty tough for the U.S right now, stocks are down, people are on locked down, and if it couldn’t get any worse it officially has. Many people in Washington State have reported seeing the ¨Murder Hornet.¨ A native of Asia, this 2 inch hornet can have very damaging stings, some being fatal. How it has gotten here seems to be a mystery, the Washington State University’s College of Agriculture seems to think they got here from transported cargo. Though these hornets have a venomous sting, that is not what many scientist are worried about. One of our biggest concerns is the honeybee. As if the honeybee has not already gone through enough, these killers can be devastating to their population. Studies have shown it can destroy a hive in only a few hours. If you are a beekeeper be cautious of these hornets and know that your bee suit is no match against this hornet’s stinger. Scientists are trying their best to eliminate this species.  For now, though, if you do see any report them immediately to the