Rare Young Bravery

Zoey Snider, Editor

In the midst of global chaos, Monroe County is home to the refreshing story of three young men who decided to change the course of their lives by joining the service. James Monroe’s very own James Sneddon, William Sneddon, and Jacob Craft made the collective choice to become soldiers in the United States National Guard. All three being seniors have planned to continue their careers in the military after they graduate, all while continuing their educations and serving their community and country.

In an interview with James Sneddon, he told me that his drive to join the military stemmed from his respect for the armed forces, as well as wanting to contribute to protecting his country himself. I asked him what his parents’ initial responses were to his plans to joining. “Of course they wanted me to stay home and become a college student,” he said. “but after I talked with them about how important it was to me they began to support me.”

Despite their initial reluctance, James and William’s parents agreed to let them become part of the Army National Guard. After a whole summer of training in the grueling heat at Ft. Benning in Georgia, the three young men were finally able to come home to their families and celebrate completing a challenge few others their age can say they have done.

While we so often become smothered in our daily lives and personal struggles, we can lose sight of the rest of the world around us. We miss out on being a part of our communities and giving back to those that have given us so much. The drive of these young men presents a challenge that we should all face ourselves with. We should be more mindful of our actions, and embrace being more selfless.