The Life of a Student

Nick Vaught

As a student at James Monroe High School I have noticed many things about my fellow peers and how they and myself survived throughout the years. I would consider myself a not too bright student but I at least try to show my excellence. Over the years I have seen many fellow students that are brilliant and I’ve seen people that are not so active in the education system. We all struggle in a sense with how our education system is handled whether it be by certain classes, tests, assignments, and teaching methods. Some of us just have to ride the waves of education to just barely pass while others either force themselves to pass through with ease like a knife through an apple. The way the life of a student is depends on the education system and if said system tries to give students confidence. It is not easy as a student myself with a brain the size of a quarter. So we have to try and make a change for the better for the life of a student.