Law and Public Safety Unifies in Remembrance of 9/11

Matthew Goff interviewed the Law and Public Safety teacher, Mr. Richmond. The interview is as follows;

Goff: So, what did the Law and Public Safety class do in remembrance of 9/11?

Richmond: We attempted, with good success, to bring the campus together in support of Patriot’s Day, which is the remembrance of 9/11. An announcement was put out to wear red, white, and blue on Friday, September 10th to show their patriotism.

Goff: Who all appeared to be unified for Patriot’s day?

Richmond: Many students, from both the high school and the vocational school, appeared to show their unity by wearing red, white, and blue. Students from many classes other than my own came together in remembrance.

Goff: In addition to the unification by wearing red, white, and blue, was there any other projects done by the Law and Public Safety class on Friday, September 10th?

Richmond: One of the students worked on a public service announcement for WHFI 106.7, which was played through Friday and Saturday, September 11th.