Broadband Survey

Xander Lewis, Author

As many of you probably know, Monroe County does not have the greatest internet speeds or even availability. Many people have no access to high speed internet in our county. As a student at JMHS, not having reliable internet would be a big issue (especially with us going remote at times).  A press release for Monroe County, West Virginia, was put out by the county commission. Attached was a survey about our internet provider, reliability, speed, etc. Below is the statement from the press release, along with a link to the survey. I implore any readers to take this survey to help improve internet in our county.

“County officials are continually trying to get broadband expanded here in the county. Please take a minute and read the press release below and we hope you will participate in the short survey. This survey will be a tremendous help in identifying areas of the county that don’t have broadband or has limited broadband. Thank you and please share. We need to get as many surveys completed as we can.”

Survey Link