So How About That Lunch Schedule?

Xander Lewis, Author

As I am sure all of you have noticed, we have a new, refined schedule with more orderly times. It is easier to remember what time all of your classes end and begin. This begs the question though, where did this extra time come from? The sad answer appears to be straight from your lunch time. Yes, the one break you get from the two halves of the day has been cut back even further. We went from having 40 minutes for lunch down to 30 (while many schools around the nation have up to an hour!). This has led to a large number of students barely having enough time to eat, and some even having to stay after! The line is long and crowded, with half of the people in it skipping with no repercussions whatsoever. This leads to it often taking over 20 minutes to get through (even with seniors and freshmen getting out of class 5 minutes early). There have been times when I’ve had as little as 5 to 10 minutes to find a seat and eat an entire lunch. This is unacceptable, and something has to change if we don’t want students late to class.