Cook’s Fort Excavation Video

Zachery Mincey, Comic Artist

This YouTube video documents recent archaeology at Cook’s Fort near Greenville, West Virginia in June of 2021. Cook’s Fort was an important militia fort built on the land of Valentine Cook in 1774, during Lord Dunmore’s War. It was important as a base for militia and a refuge for settlers during this war and the American Revolutionary War. Archaeology provides valuable information about the structure of the fort. Artifacts and animal bones from food refuse provide insights into life in the fort. Many local persons volunteered during the excavations, including students David Broyles, Matthew Goff, and Zoey Snider and teacher Seth Elmore from James Monroe High School. The archaeology was directed by Dr. W. Stephen McBride, Dr. Kim Arbogast McBride, and J. David McBride, of McBride Preservation Services. It was funded by a grant from the West Virginia Division of Culture and History to the Summers County Historical Landmarks Commission. The grant is administered by Steve Trail, with support from Fred Ziegler of the Monroe County Historic Landmarks Commission and Monroe County Historical Society.