The Nick Vaught Special

The Nick Vaught Special

Xander Lewis, Author

Nicholas Ryan Vaught is in the graduating class of 2022 at James Monroe High School. I tracked him down and asked a few questions for a short interview. Enjoy.

Q: What is your favorite thing about JMHS?

A: “I like the teachers. I like how knowledgeable and active they are with the students.”

Q: What is your opinion on the state of South Sudan?

A: “I don’t know what that is! Hardly.”

Q: What is your favorite moment as a Maverick?

A: “Being in the Honor Society. It was nice to be able to help out the community.”

Q: What are your plans after high school?

A: “I’m gonna hang low for a few years, and work on my musical practices.”

Q: Would you rather have unlimited bacon but no more games or games, unlimited games, but no more games?

A: “Repeat the question. Repeat the question. Repeat the question.”